Sunday, November 16, 2008

Matthew Lee At Zeta Minor - 70s Hyper...

Here's some 1970s hyping by Matthew Lee at Zeta Minor, concerning the late actor Maurice Colbourne of Howards' Way:

However, whilst he was entirely fulfilled in his ambitions, it would prove to be his television work during the 1970s which would elevate his presence in the public's mind.

Colbourne soon secured top billing in two series of Philip Martin's gritty BBC Television serial, Gangsters, which spawned from a Play For Today. Such was the impact this series made on British television that Colbourne enjoyed a regular stream of work thereafter, and whilst not in an entirely leading capacity, he enjoyed appearances in Van Der Valk (Everybody Does It), Return of The Saint (Duel in Venice), The Day of The Triffids and Johnny Jarvis, to name three stand-out productions, before landing the role of Tom Howard.

Note that two of the series mentioned - The Day of The Triffids (1981) and Johnny Jarvis (1983) are 1980s series, not 1970s. And as a regular TV viewer in the 1970s and 1980s I can honestly say it was the splendid Howards' Way series which "elevated his (Mr Colbourne's) presence" in my mind. In fact I adored the show.

Basically, Matthew Lee, it's just another totally unneccessary mention of the 1970s, isn't it, dear? Does writing those digits comfort you in some way?