Thursday, April 06, 2006

EBay Buyers - Beware Of 70s hype!

Many eBay sellers have been cuckolded by 70s hype and some, perhaps, are simply dishonest - attempting to sell items as "1970s" when they are not. Chances are, if you have a fairly modern clonking great piece of technology it will have been produced in the 1980s or perhaps even the early 1990s. But some eBay sellers will list these items as "70s" - although they simply didn't exist back then or were only on the drawing board.

Watch yourself if buying "70s" items on eBay. It isn't just "70s" technology such as phones etc that are far more likely to be 1980s. Even some licensed TV and advertising characters often crop up as "70s".

Recently I spotted a badge from a well known TV advertising campaign, featuring a character invented in 1982, but listed as "70s".

Be warned...

And sellers - if you do not know when an item was produced, without any doubt, do not pretend that you do.