Friday, January 18, 2008

CORRIEBLOG - More 70's Nonsense

Corrieblog is fine, but like so many sites guilty of 70s hyping trash. For instance, it states that the 1970s were the "heyday" of slow burning character development. Didn't that happen in the '80s, too (Audrey, Alma?) didn't it happen in the 90s (Raquel?).

The development of Ivy and Vera as characters was not planned!

Corrieblog stop it. The Street was in serious trouble for over half the 70s, with the ratings dropping disasterously and the Street limping along on a diet of romantic Barbara Cartland style twaddle or thoroughly miserable, unwatchable storylines. It wasn't until the arrival of Bill Podmore in 1976 that things began to pick up and the Street began to regain some of its magic, so tragically lost after the 60s.

I'll wager the majority of Corrieblog writers don't even remember the 70s - or were just little kids at the time!


  1. Hi Maria
    Glad that you think Corrieblog is fine. We try to give a variety of opinions about Coronation Street, and I don't think we show any real bias to the 70s. I prefer Corrie these days to the old episodes anyway. And yes, I do remember the 70s. I even remember the 60s!

  2. It does happen, Sue - but it's good to know that there are some older people involved in the blog. I grew up viewing The Street in the '60s, and would love to see more made of this era. Mr Swindley and Miss Nugent, Len and Elsie, were my absolute telly heroes!

  3. Miss Nugent, eh? That doesn't half take me back.

  4. Yes - and the mysterious and much-feared Mr Papagopolous! Oh, for the Gamma Garments days...


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